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Message boards suddenly not working!

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  • Message boards suddenly not working!

    OK, I don't know what happened, but ever since about midnight tonight my message boards are not working.

    Earlier this evening I received an E-mail from FutureQuest stating that I needed to upgrade my vbulletin before tomorrow at 6pm (because of potential bugs in my current version), so I went in and paid to have the professional upgrade 3.0.7 and just submitted the information to have that done. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.


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    check your config.php and make sure all your SQL username/password information is corect.

    The error message I saw was:

    <!--Database error in vBulletin :Link-ID == false, connect failedmysql error: mysql error number: 0Date: Friday 25th of February 2005 04:05:42 AMScript: IP Address: -->
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      Thanks for getting back to me. FutureQuest said the same thing.

      I did change the MySQL password last night, but how do I get in to the config.php file to change it there? I found the file on my FTP program, and moved the file to my Desktop, but I can't get the file open. What program do I use to open up that file?


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        notepad should work just fine


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          OK, I changed the information in the config.php file and the boards are still not working.


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            Weird, I changed the password back to the original one, and now the boards are working.

            Thanks for your help!