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    My friend changed hosts so I downloaded his site to my computer, then uploaded to his new host last night. I did a back up, via the admin cp for his board before he went offline with the old host.

    I'm not sure where to put the vbulletin.sql file that is saved on my computer when I did the back up. I put vbulletin.sql in the search on this board to find where it's supposed to go and I don't see vbulletin.sql in red, highlighted, like with other words. I do get a lot of links to but that's not what I'm looking for.

    There is also a database error with the new site, but my son will be able to fix that when he wakes up. After that's fixed, I just need to know where to put the back up file so everything is in order. Could be I upload it from the admin cp, but since I can't see that just yet, I'm not sure.

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    You need to restore the backup? that can only be done in phpmyadmin or though SSH and the mysql command line.


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      As luck would have it, the new host went over his bandwidth so we're still not online yet, waiting to hear from him.

      Maybe I didn't word my question right. I used the admin cp, Import and Maint. then Database backup to download the backup to my computer. I thought that backup contained all the current info so no posts would be lost when we got back online. I thought you take the vbulletin.sql file that's downloaded to my computer, and put it ...somewhere, so that everything is current when the board goes back online to the members. I was looking for that filename so I could FTP the one I downloaded to overwrite the other one, if there is another one.


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        the SQL file, is a backup of your database, which contains all the posts and threads and users ect.

        However to restore it so it can be used again, you must import it, via phpmyadmin or SSH