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  • mark007TOE
    New Member
    • Feb 2005
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    • 2.2.9

    Database Error

    I'm getting the following database error every so often:

    Database error in vBulletin :

    Link-ID == false, connect failed
    mysql error:

    mysql error number: 0
    Anyone have any idea what might be causing it or how to sort it?

    I've just upgraded from 2.2.9 to 3.0.6 and apart from that everything seems good!

  • DelphiVillage
    Senior Member
    • Apr 2002
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    • 4.1.x

    yes the connection to your MySQL server failed for some reason (if your host restarts MySQL) you will see this error to also
    do you use persistent MySQL connections ? if yes turn it of (edit your /includes/config.php)

    another cause of this might be your hosting account and the limit of MySQL connections your host has set (for your hosting account) as most hosts offer different types of hosting packages

    PHP Code:
    // ****** PERSISTENT CONNECTIONS ******
    // This option allows you to turn persistent connections to MySQL on or off.
    // The difference in performance is negligible for all but the largest boards.
    // If you are unsure what this should be, leave it off.
    // 0 = Off; 1 = On
    $usepconnect 0
    a host usually provides some sort of "statistics" system you could use to make a calculation of your amount of visitors... it might be necessary (i'm not saying it is ) for you to get hosting account that allows more MySQL connections or you could ask the support of your host to increase there limit
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    • mark007TOE
      New Member
      • Feb 2005
      • 3
      • 2.2.9

      hmm, strange. I'm pretty sure persistant connections are already off and it would seem odd to be a number of connections issue as it's only a small site really - the forum isn't that busy.

      However people have noticed it being slow yesterday as well as another site hosted on the same server so maybe it was the server. I'll let you know how things go and post back later.

      Thanks for the suggestions though.


      • DelphiVillage
        Senior Member
        • Apr 2002
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        • 4.1.x


        if you are on a shared server you might have bad luck i mean it isn't your site that's having the big traffic but another site on the same server you are hosted in that case ask your host to monitor it (a smart host already does) and if they have to much traffic they will be asked to either go dedicated (if that host offers dedicated hosting) or move elsewhere nothing you cando about this your host will deal with it


        • Steve Machol
          Former Customer Support Manager
          • Jul 2000
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          This error means that either:

          1) The db info in your config.php file is wrong (in which case your forums won't work at all)

          2) That user doesn't have permission to access the database listed in config.php

          3) The database doesn't exist

          4) MySQL isn't accepting new connections. (The server could either be down or has reached it's maximum connections limit.)

          Note, many servers are being probed for the phpBB worm these days and the MySQL server is being overloaded. This could account for these errors.
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