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  • laidbackfella
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    • Feb 2005
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    Site Database and VB Intergration

    I have a few questions about the ability to integrate VB seamlessly into a site.

    1. If I wanted to set up a site like Friendster/MY Space/Orkut could I integrate the user login so that when a person registers the needed information would be create a VB forum account as well?

    2. Is there a way that as the person changes password information for the main site the VB Forum account information changes as well?

    3. Is there a way that the log-in link could direct the unregistered user, that has happened to visit my forum, to the main log in page?

    4. Is there a way that the profile link could be redirected to a user site profile rather than a VB profile?

    5. On my site I will offer profiles for various groups and colleges. Will I be able to create a hack/mod that would allow me to instantly create five forums under a sub forum heading once these profiles are created on my site?

    For instance if I have Stanford University partner with my site to gian access to services could a hack/mod recognize that this profile is a college profile versus a member profile and create five categories:

    Prospective Students
    Current Students
    Alumni Students
    Faculty and Staff
    General Information

    under a Stanford sub forum. Categorized kinda like:

    Main Site
    >Colleges And University Forums
    >>Western States

    6. Can you provide any examples of sites that do this?

    My forum system will play a large role in my social networking portion of my site but it will not be the central focus of my site.

    My site will be a blend of many different types of site if you were to place Orkut, DMOZ, National Speaker's Bureau,, thefacebook and the functionality of several other sites into a blender this will be a large part of what my site will offer.

    The forums will be essential to my site but not the main element as to why people are there day after day.

    I'd like to see sites that have integrated vb into their database.

    If you know of any please share.
  • Jake Bunce
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    • Dec 2000
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    • 3.6.x

    1) That kind of integration would require custom code on one end, either in vBulletin or the other registration software for your site. For help with this I recommend you post on, the official vB hacking site.

    2) Same thing as #1.

    3) I'm not sure I understand. Login links usually go to login pages, so...

    vBulletin doesn't have a specific login page. Instead there is a login form in the navbar of each page. Or if a guest tries to access a forum page to which they do not have access, then an error with a login form is displayed.

    4) You could edit the template for profile pages to redirect to another page. The question is, what is the redirection URL? Does the URL contain their username or what?

    5) Yes, you can create a hack to create groups of 5 forums.

    You can create usergroups to represent the different types of users, and then set forum permissions for each group to differentiate them.

    6) There are lots of sites that use vBulletin to power the rest of their site, like portals and stuff. You can try our links directory:


    • laidbackfella
      New Member
      • Feb 2005
      • 2

      Thanks your answers really helped me out a lot.


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