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BBCode half working! Why?

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  • BBCode half working! Why?

    Any help would be highly appriciated.

    I have a flash script on my server that I have placed within a BBCode, it's made so that only this flash script that's on my server can be used in this BBCode.

    When I look in the Admin Panel by the BBCode I see this BBCode is working fine as the sample is nicely projected.

    But when I insert this BBCode in my signature space on my forum nothing shows!

    How is this possible, all other custom BBCode work fine on the forum.
    KCi aka Rhyze

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    Do you allow BB codes in signatures?

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> User Profile Options -> Allow vB Code in Signatures


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      that's all on
      KCi aka Rhyze


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        It should work if that option is enabled.

        If you are still having problems, then submit a support ticket with your forum info and we will take a look.


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          Thanks Jake

          I works smooth.
          Last edited by kcikees; Mon 31 Jan '05, 8:36pm.
          KCi aka Rhyze


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            he told me he kinda wants it to work the way it does on my forums


            but with bbcode and in the signature spot.

            I recommended just editing the postbit template and use a condition so whoever fills out a certain profile field will have the sig.


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              I got it working as I want it now, just as the script is made for, just a signature

              Thanks to Jake and the great and fast support [thumbsup]

              Hey, Haloimpulse, who is the guy who original wrote this flash script? as I understand you didn't.
              KCi aka Rhyze


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                Marshdebeachy wrote the flash script, I tweaked it slightly for Haloimpulse (he gave me the fla) then i wrote the script that intergrates it with the forums


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                  Can you tell us how you fixed this as I have same issue on 3.0.3 and I'm set to allow sigs and code in sigs too and nothing shows except in admincp


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