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How do I search for links within posts?

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  • How do I search for links within posts?

    Many posts on my board have links embedded within them, but the search tool appears to be ignoring them altogether.

    Is there a way to find all posts that include a link to a specific web site domain?

    This search appears to work here on this site, so I have more investigating to do.

    My maximum word length is set at 20 - is that it?
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    That could be it if the URL is more than 20 characters.
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      How about implementing an old hat url type of search form? That way members could search for url's in post and see if a spesific url has alread been posted.


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        What ever it takes. The reason for my URL search is to weed out bad links that need an update to a new location. If you see one, you know there are more. Also, you never know what the cat will drag in by way of strange links. My old WebBBS did this search just fine.

        It WAS the length - default of 20 characters. All OK now.
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          What are the detriments of raising the search length up to 60?

          Should I avoid this because of speed or space requirements?

          Board size = over 200,000 posts, 35,000 threads.


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