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Bug in vb3 calendar/event moderation?

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  • Bug in vb3 calendar/event moderation?

    I'm running vb 3.0.1 (with security patches...and yes I'll be upgrading soon) and have been trying to get moderated calendars working. The problem I am having is as follows:

    1) User 1 (Admin) creates a new calendar and sets User 2 (just a registered user) as being the moderator for this calendar. Additionally, when User 1 created the calendar he set up email notification for new events to be sent to the email address for User 2 (so he can be notified when a new event is posted...and so he can go moderate it).

    2) User 3 (just a registered user) creates a new event on the calendar in question and since it requires moderation it doesn't show up on the calendar (what I expect)

    3) Since User 2 received an email indicating that there was a new event posted he goes to the forums/modcp interface, logs in, and clicks on Moderate Events. The message he receives is "No Events awaiting moderation" when in fact there should be one.

    When examining the events database there is one event whose visible flag is set to false (what I would expect). In looking at the code (includes/functions_calendar.php) for the can_moderate_calendar function it appears that even though the user has permissions to moderate that the AND operation with the _BITFIELD is causing the function to return false.

    Can you assist?

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards,


    BTW - I have a test migration environment (told you I'll be upgrading soon) running 3.0.6 and am seeing the same problem with it.

    Can you assist?
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    I have responded to your support ticket asking for more info so I can investigate this.
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      Same problem here

      I'm running 3.0.3 and I see the exact same behaviour.




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        Bumping an old thread here....

        I am having this same problem running version 3.0.5. An upgrade to 3.5 is in our future, just not in the next few weeks, and I need to know if there is a fix for this problem. I have made several custom calendars for different regions of my userbase, with a normal user assigned to moderate each calendar. They are unable to see any events listed in the Mod CP.

        Is there an fix for this other than an upgrade?



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          Possibly, you are running a highly insecure, and outdated problem.

          Install 3.0.13 or 3.5.4 into a test directory and see if the same issues exisst.


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            Originally posted by Zachery
            Possibly, you are running a highly insecure, and outdated problem.

            Install 3.0.13 or 3.5.4 into a test directory and see if the same issues exisst.

            Yes, I am aware of that. We are planning to do the upgrade as soon as we are able, we have had to sort out some various issues regarding the administration of the site, including moving the Vbulletin licensing over to a new contact person (me.) That has been sorted out, so the upgrade is being planned. I am just wondering if there is a way to fix this issue via a code fix in the meantime.



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              Not that I am aware of. You can try searching the bug tracker.


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                I searched there, didn't see anything.

                Ok, we will just work around this with an Admin approving events until we can get the upgrade done.


                /EDIT: found a fix after all, in BUG ID 3731. Add one character to the modcp/moderate.php file, and it works fine.

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