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Add custom step to registration, how?

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  • Add custom step to registration, how?

    I have been wanting to have many modifications done to my site but can't afford to pay more than $200 and since no one is willing I would like to learn something that will hopefully allow me to take the php knowledge that I already know and apply it to vbulletin, although I am not an expert coder.

    I'll explain a little bit about what I want and anyone can feel free to explain how to do this, and feel free to be very detailed so I can copy and paste, and also feel free to help me through as little or as much of this as you want.

    Click on Register, first screen that appears is a tiny form using the same template style as the rest of my site, radio box question asking single or couple. If they choose single the next screen asks for their birth date, if they choose couple the next screen asks for 2 birthdates both of which must be 18 years old. Of course I want to be able to later on allow my users to search and filter results by distance by zipcode, single/couple status, etc. so this single/couple will need to be stored, but as I stated the 2nd page will need to be determined by the choice on the first one.

    Since vBulletin isn't a regular simple php script that I've made, I can't just go and create a new page called birthday.php or whatever. Can someone guide me a little bit here? I also want to be sure that they can't enter malicious code since it's a custom reg form that I will be putting in.

    I guess my main question is how can I for instance get rid of the normal age checking since it only checks one birthdate and not two, and create my own and also create any other custom registration pages that I want, I know that it's not as easy as going into admincp but I also know that it is possible because at one time someone had started on this project but didn't complete, and of course I then had to upgrade to 3.0.6.

    If I have to do anything with the database please let me know, I can understand pretty well with php/mysql. Please help, I believe this will lay the foundation so I can do the rest of what I need done.

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    We can't provide support for code modifications here. The best place to get this kind of help is at That's the whole purpose of that site.
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