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Creating a Forum for admin and webmaster!

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  • Creating a Forum for admin and webmaster!

    I know this is a rudimentary question but, I want to create a forum that will only be accessible to the administrators and I do not want it viewable by other Members.

    Please help??

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    AdminCP > Forums & Moderators > Forum Permissions

    Edit the permissions of the usergroups that you don't want to view your staff forum and that should be it


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      Thanks Omega Prime,

      But how do I not make it viewable.

      For example my admin user group contains admin and webmaster and I only want the forum appearing to them only. I dont want other users to see it. When I activated the forum it showed the forum when I logged out with a "Private" note next to it. I don't want that I want it to completely dissapear or not show for the other members.


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        Set the following setting to Yes:

        Admin CP --> vBulletin Options --> Forum Listings Display Options --> Hide Private Forums

        Also make sure that the usergroups who you don't want viewing the forum have Can View Forum set to No in the permissions manager.
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          Thanks daemon,

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