How to get a child forum as a kind of 2nd main forum?

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  • Black Tiger
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2001
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    How to get a child forum as a kind of 2nd main forum?

    Hi, I have a question.
    Look at this thread: which is kind of an example of what I want.
    In there you'll find the "Under consideration", this is a child forum under which several threads are made. This is farely easy to do.

    But I would like something like this but then like it was a new forum.
    So when clicking on it, not getting new threads but also new category's.

    At this point, this also can be done just by adding category's and child forums, but 1 issue remains.
    At the bottom, the displays says like other forums "xx new posts made" etc. This is normal, but I would like it to have the "look" of the main forum.

    Maybe this is easyer to understand: I want to have a child forum which looks in fact like a second forum board.
    Motors and cars forum
    -category motors
    -category cars
    - category various
    thread sales
    thread off-topic
    thread computers (this last one gets parent for the following)
    ---category windows xp / 2k
    ---category networking

    Like this. So when clicking on the computerthread, I want to users to see a complete main forum display as seen when visiting the Motors and Car forums.
    Is this possible?

    Because now I have it this way, but all the category's and threads now present are seen as part of a normal forum, and then like with your "Under Consideration" forum, you get the "Display options" block under them. This "display options" block, I don't want to see that.

    I hope you understand a little bit what I mean, I just want it to look like another main forum without having to setup a 2nd forum and 2nd database and all. Can this be done?
    Greetings, Black Tiger
  • Joseph777
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2004
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    • 3.0.3

    I am not sure of what you are asking. But I had a similar problem. Maybe this will help you???

    This really should be a sticky!

    Calling Jake - Programmer Extroardinaire :) How do I remove a "parent style", and a "child of parent style" ... without losing the "child of child of parent style". Let me explain a little further: The "child of child of parent style" is my default, my perfect style. But I


    • Black Tiger
      Senior Member
      • Mar 2001
      • 668

      Strange. I subscribed to this thread but got no email.
      Unfortunately, the link couldn't help me.

      It's not a question of a child style i guess. I just want to have a child forum look like a parent one, on the board itselve, so not as a chooseble style.
      Greetings, Black Tiger


      • Lee Wilde
        New Member
        • Apr 2004
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        • 3.0.1

        I understand what you're saying Black Tiger. I want to do the same thing. Many of my members are not familiar with forums and the current forumdisplay template, with sub-forums listed above the main forum is confusing.


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