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Creating users outside of VBulletin

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  • Creating users outside of VBulletin

    I'm integrating VBulletin with a client application that handles the registering of users. On the backend, when the server gets a user creation request, it goes into the VB database and inserts the appropriate records to create that user (username, salt, password hash, etc.). It also inserts an entry in the usertextfield and userfield tables.

    Here are the insert scripts we're using:

    "INSERT INTO user (username, salt, password, passworddate, email, styleid, parentemail, showvbcode, usertitle, joindate, daysprune, lastvisit, lastactivity, usergroupid, timezoneoffset, options, maxposts, threadedmode, startofweek, ipaddress, pmpopup, referrerid, reputationlevelid, reputation, autosubscribe, birthday, birthday_search)
    VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,1,'',1,'Junior Member',unix_timestamp(),0,unix_timestamp(),unix_timestamp(),2,-5,3287,-1,0,1,'',0,0,5,10,-1,'','0000-00-00')";

    INSERT INTO usertextfield (userid) VALUES (?)

    INSERT INTO userfield (userid, field6) VALUES (?,?)

    Most of the time, the user's profile is "broken" after it's inserted. They can log in correctly, but all of their posts have strange info in the section where their username usually is (it still has their username, but I think the usergroup is "guest"). Also, when I go through the AdminCP and search for their username, it will bring up the user info page, but none of the data will be filled in (even username is blank).

    If I run the "fix user profiles" script, everything is fixed and all the posts look correct.

    Does anyone have an idea of what I'm missing when we create the user in the database? I realize this is skirting around VBulletin's scripts, but this was the only way we could do it. I appreciate any information.

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    The place to get help with integrating vB with non-vB apps is over at Try there.
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      Will do, I wasn't sure if you guys could help me out at all, so I figured I'd try here first.


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