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  • Database Error

    I am receiving this message here.

    Invalid SQL:

    thread.threadid, thread.title, thread.replycount, postusername, postuserid, thread.dateline AS postdateline, IF(views <= thread.replycount, thread.replycount+1, views) AS views, thread.lastposter, thread.lastpost, pollid
    , thread.iconid AS threadiconid, iconpath AS threadiconpath
    ,thread.forumid, forum.title AS forumtitle
    , post.pagetext AS preview

    FROM thread as thread
    LEFT JOIN icon USING (iconid)
    LEFT JOIN forum AS forum ON (thread.forumid = forum.forumid)
    LEFT JOIN post AS post ON (post.postid = thread.firstpostid)
    LEFT JOIN deletionlog AS deletionlog ON (thread.threadid = deletionlog.primaryid AND type = 'thread')

    WHERE open <> '10' AND thread.visible = 1 AND thread.forumid NOT IN(44,24,30,,89,90,24,30,44,27) AND deletionlog.primaryid IS NULL
    ORDER BY lastpost DESC
    LIMIT 10

    mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '89,90,24,30,44,27) AND deletionlog.primaryid IS NULL

    mysql error number: 1064
    Any idea on what this could be?

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    Since you left of the script info, the first thing I recommend is that you reupload all the original vB non-image files (except install.php). Make sure you upload these in ASCII format and overwrite the ones on the server.
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      Here's the script: Script: Removed so I stop getting emails...
      Last edited by javageek; Mon 10 Jan '05, 3:08am.


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        Those are not vBulletin files. But from custom code. Sorry. We do not provide support for custom code.


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          I guess it is in vBadvanced , I'll go over there and ask.


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