I can remove the "install" directory after upgrade?

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  • clio
    • Jul 2001
    • 74
    • 4.1.x

    I can remove the "install" directory after upgrade?

    I just upgraded from 3.0.3 to 3.0.5, and I was wondering if it'd be safe to remove the "install" directory? It seems harmless, but I couldn't find anything in the readme or online documentation that said it would be okay. The idea of an "install" directory intact after upgrade makes me uncomfortable.

  • Zachery
    Former vBulletin Support
    • Jul 2002
    • 59097

    You shoul;d not remove the install directory, just remove install.php, it is the only file that could even possibly harm your forum.


    • Freddie Bingham
      Former vBulletin Developer
      • May 2000
      • 14057
      • 1.1.x

      You can remove the directory after install, you'll just need to reupload it with every upgrade.


      • Steve Machol
        Former Customer Support Manager
        • Jul 2000
        • 154488

        I'd recommend leaving it in place and removing all files except the .xml files. Those can come in handy if you run into style and language problems.
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