Best way to upgrade a slightly modified version of vBulletin?

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  • Boss-Hog
    Senior Member
    • Jul 2002
    • 232
    • 4.2.5

    Best way to upgrade a slightly modified version of vBulletin?


    Due to recent announcement that vBulletin users are strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest version of the software (3.0.5), I am looking to upgrade my current version (which is 3.0). However, as is the case with most people here, I have about 12 hacks installed. None of these are huge overhauls of the software or anything, but it would be a pain to track them all down and re-code them from scratch. I'm sure this question has been raised plenty of times in the past but I would like to know: what is the best way to upgrade my software to the latest version while minimizing the amount of work I have to do to keep my currently installed hacks? Thanks for your help.

  • HaloImpulse
    Senior Member
    • Jul 2004
    • 139
    • 3.0.3

    yea this would help me too. Im running 3.0.3, and i have MAJOR modifications that ive worked rathar hard on, and i dont wanna lose them in the upgrade


    • John Campbell
      Senior Member
      • Nov 2004
      • 340

      I was told to use a program called compare somthing... forget... but yeah. Beyond compare I belive?


      • TTG
        Senior Member
        • May 2004
        • 315
        • 3.6.x

        I always use Araxis Merge


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