Where Do I Begin!?

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  • OneFragileBreat
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    • Jan 2005
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    Where Do I Begin!?

    I have a web site for an online gaming clan of mine, and I'm looking to edit the forum style to match the web design I made. I have knowledge in scripting, but not with messing with forums in this way. Know of any tutorials, or possibly documentation?

    Thanks in advance,
  • MGM
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    • Aug 2002
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    • 3.6.x

    It'd require extensive knowledge of the template and style system using in vBulletin. Suffice to say, it won't be simple to create a graphical style.

    However, if simple color changes or widths (and the like) is all you're looking for, simply go to the Style Manager, choose "All Style Options" next to the style you wish to edit and click Go. Change the variables there to whatever suits you best.

    Outside of that, however, will mean you'll need to edit the templates. Click on Style Manager, choose "Edit Templates" next to the style you wish to edit and click Go. From there, find the template you want to edit (usually named after the page, ie, the homepage of the forum is forumhome). You'll need some HTML/XHTML and CSS knowledge to take this route however, and I don't know of any tutorial out there to help you out.

    MGM out


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