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adding skin boarder to the ENTIRE message boarb

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  • adding skin boarder to the ENTIRE message boarb

    At the bottom of this page
    is a little box with the title Advertisment and a banner showing inside

    How can i place that around the entire message board, and i would perfer it to show on ALL pages no matter what the board user is doing
    User Cpanel
    Post / Reply thread
    etc etc etc be nice to have an even flow / continuety to the entire site.
    Right now the sliced images are set so when something larger then the area is displayed, the "box" streatches to fit it exactly.
    Example - it will display a 486x60 banner by fitting around it
    and a 500x300 banner by fitting evenly around that too

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    hmm... I can think of a few ways to do this... but nothing easy comes to mind.... maybe you could add a simple border for the sides using the All Style Options and the Main settings.... then add a gfx header and footer to match the border.... sorry man, I'm just thinking out loud, maybe someone will get a better idea from my words

    MGM out


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      yea that sounds a bit intence right now - dont think i can handle that one

      for some reason i do understand web design as a trade but when it comes to working with VB version of php - i loose berringe easily.

      Anyone else want to take a shot at this?