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  • Gif or cookie Problem?


    Gifs are really annoying me

    if someone post new thread (or reply a thrad) then i should read it twice (AT LEAST), then "forum_new.gif" turns to "forum_old.gif" in forum home. and i should click to "Mark Forums Read", so that "post_new.gif" turns to "post_old.gif" in showthread.php page.

    These kind of tiny bits really annoying and make my board unreliable. What should i do?

    i imported all of the forum data from my old phpbb database.
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    Hmm, let me search these forums for a minute and see if I can find out, I know i have seen something about this.


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      So what is the problem really?


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        i couldnt find out yet. When someone post a new thread or someone reply a thread then i am reading the post and goain back to main page by clicking forum home link (no back button on the browser). But forum home says that there is a new post in a forum (forum_new.gif). Then, i go read it again then come back to homa again. Then forum new.gif turns to forum_on.gif.

        When i post somethings, of course browser redirect to post after sent the post. Then i go back to home page and the forum home page says that there is a new post (forum_new.gif). But i already read it.

        And in the posts, there are small icons as you know ( "post_new.gif" & "post_old.gif" ). i always see post_new.gif after read the post. i should click to "mark forums read" link (or wait 900 seconds i think).
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