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How do I charge to register using paypal?

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  • How do I charge to register using paypal?

    I could not find how to charge to join the foums using paypal in the manual. In my control panel, I see a subscript manager so I created one, but when trying "test communication" - I get a fail for the paypal "cURL"...what does that mean and how can I fix it? Also, I don't see where the user actually goes to paypal to I missing something?

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    I'm pretty sure this requires modifying the code, you can ask for help over at if it does.


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      Modifying the code? I thought the whole point of subscriptions was to charge for access? Also, is this the correct forum for member (paid for license) support? Not to sound like a jerk, but I was hoping to get a somewhat quick answer...thanks.


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        You cant charge for registrations. Also if cURL fails you cannot use paypal IIRC.

        You can charge users to signup for a subscription but they must already be registered to do so, if you wanted it to happen during the singup then it would require modifing the vBulletin code.


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          Hmm, well is there some way to let users only see the forums and not post on them until they have paid? I am not seeing where registered users have the option to purchase a subscription...where is that?


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            Yes there is, its part of the default forum permissions.

            If you setup a subscription you can go into the usercp and there will be a link for it on the left nav panel, if you need another link you can add it anywhere you want via the template system