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How do I reset "Most users ever online" figure

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  • How do I reset "Most users ever online" figure


    The "Most users ever online" figure for my forum has shot up to 178, no doubt due to search engine activity. How can I clear this back to zero so it builds up naturally again? I am using vB 3.0.3 and have access to the database via phpMyAadmin.

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    To reset this back to 0 in vB3, run this query:

    UPDATE datastore SET data = '' WHERE title = 'maxloggedin'
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        me too

        I also had a very skewed max count due to visiting bots. I could also see them in Who's Online (reverse DNS lookup resolved their IP addresses to bots).

        I got rid of them from our private posting area by adding a robots.txt file to our directory. I disallowed them in the forum subdirectory. They can poke around as they please anywhere else because allow is a given and doesn't need to be specified.

        Here's a helpful link if you'd like some info on adding the robots.txt file to your site. You can also view what other sites' robots.txt files look like by typing: You'll see that it's a very simple text file.



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          Just wondering how many people are seeing this latley? I have never had this issue before upgrading to 3.0.3 and now twice I have had over 220 users online at once?!?! Is there something I should be worried about? I have never had over 30


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            I have a very large number of spiders on my site especially from inkitomi and google. But why does it matter, I also have a major problem of gusets not regitering but reading posts. I keep telling them on the board it's not a library but an interactive forum. If everyone reads its not fair to those who participate and post. But who cares.


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              Originally posted by manguish
              To reset this back to 0 in vB3, run this query:

              UPDATE datastore SET data = '' WHERE title = 'maxloggedin'
              That would be nice. But when I click the "Execute SQL Query" link, I receive this lovely message:

              You are not authorized to execute SQL queries


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                Open config.php and put your userid between the '' in this line.
                $canrunqueries = '';


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                  I don't want to disallow bots, because I want the forum to index with the search engines. Is there a way to keep them from driving up the count, though? When I was using IPB, the bots would show up in the "Who's Online" area, but they didn't drive up the guest count (and the "Most Users Ever") when the spider did its thing. Is there a spot in the Admin CP that I am missing?


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                    No, in vBulletin anyone who is not logged in is a guest, this includes spiders. At this time it requires changing the code to get your desired effect.