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2 mornings in a row, VB unresponsive (reboot)

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  • 2 mornings in a row, VB unresponsive (reboot)

    Heya all,

    Two mornings in a row now my forum has gone unresponsive and required me to reboot my entire server to work again. I tried restarting httpd several times, stopping/restartng MySQL, nothing worked. Admin area was unaccessible as well. This isn't a MySQL issue server wide as all my others forums ran fine, including some other VB installs. Only this one particular forum (it is huge, but never had this particular problem ever.)

    Any known issues that could cause this? When I looked in WHM (on cpanel install) I saw tons of sleeping processes for the particular forum in question.

    Any help GREATLY appreciated.

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    Well are there any errors or is the website just unresponsive? Do you have other vBulletin forums on the server that are still working?

    Have you tried repiaring the database? Is there any chance you have been infected by the neo sanity worm?


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      There are no errors, I wish there were it would be easy to troubleshoot haha. The site literally just does not come up, not even to the main forum screen or anything. So the browser just hangs and hangs. When this is happening, all the other forums on the server run perfectly fine, both VB, PHPBB and ikonboards. It's just this particular one.

      I had thought the neo worm was only phpbb thing? Am I wrong? Would VB forum still work once a reboot was made?

      Like right now, I just finished the reboot and all is running fine.


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        Its a phpbb worm but it effects the server as a whole.


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          I'm checking into it now, but if it were this wouldn't it affect other things and not just this one VB install?


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            Yes, but it would be good to check. Try reading this

            How does the database look? any errors or issues with it?

            ARe you using all stock files?


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              Well the site runs fine once a reboot with no errors for the you recommend running anything specific to check? Only downfall with this is I have to close the forum down because it is intensive to run repairs on this (Threads: 149,420, Posts: 3,007,155, Members: 38,064). All stock files minus a couple little addons like a "now playing" thing. 3.0.3.

              Checking that URL you gave...


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                Right, when you look in phpmyadmin (I am assuming that is what you are using so correct me if I am wrong.) are any of the tables in use.

                Besides now playing what have you added, specificly if possible.


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                  Hm, you prompt a stupid question of the day from me ... I use PHPMyadmin yes, how would I show which particular tables are "in use" ? I am looking at the forum setup right now in PHPMyadmin.

                  Besides now playing, hm, a right side column on the main page... Here's the site:

                  I can't think of anything else besides styles I've added.


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                    Make that three mornings in a row now my forum is unresponsive requiring an entire server reboot. Any ideas on DB repair I should run to try and resolve this? I am clean on the sanity worm stuff so it isn't that. This is the first time I am experiencing this issue since running this site so I have no prior "oh last time it happened it was _____" to go from on this issue. Any ideas? None of the DBs show errors or anything like that as far as using the site/posting etc.


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                      Check your web server and MySQL server and find out what is causing this.
                      Your server may also go down from overheating. Example: broken fan on processor.


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                        Well, that would be good if not for one thing...I run like 80+ accounts on this server...and all the other sites with VB, PHPBB, ikonboard, MySQL etc. are running perfectly when this happens. All the other non MySQL sites are also running perfect. It is only this one site running the large VB forum that is doing this. No database errors or anything...I just go to click on the site to check messages etc. and I get nothing. No time outs, it just hangs forever and never brings up a screen or anything. Same for admin panel...absolutely nothing and can't get to anything. Restart MySQL, HTTPD, nothing (this usually works). Very very weird.


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                          Sounds like a hack is installed that causes long queries perhaps.
                          Turn the vbulletin forum in debug mode and load the page that is very slow in explain (to be found in footer) and see which queries are fast and when it starts to crumble to a stop.


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                            Let me also clarify that whatever is happening is happening whle I am asleep... I was up to like 3 am last night (EST) and checked it at 9:45 when I woke up and it was like this. I'm not quite sure what I would look for in the log files to troubleshoot this. One thing I DID get this morning and also on the first day this was happening is this via email (part of the batch I always get when the server is rebooted):

                            Database error in vBulletin :

                            Link-ID == false, connect failed
                            mysql error:

                            mysql error number: 0

                            Date: Friday 31st of December 2004 08:56:25 AM
                            IP Address:
                            Only difference is the ip address and id#. I am going to sign up for this site so I can see what this referring link leads to. I don't know if it is nothing or not. It's probably just someone with a link to my site in their signature or something.


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                              Ok I have turned on debug mode...but reading your reply now I don't think this will help me because:

                              1) you are saying to do this on the page that is slow...but ALL pages I try are doing the same thing, not just one. So it's not one particular page.

                              2) I am not able to get the paged to even come up when the issue is happening so that I can see the debug footer.

                              If I turn off the search feature before I go to bed would that tell me if this is a long query issue? (If I wake up to find my site is fine and responsive).


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