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Figuring out the "Replacement" when creating a new BB code...

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  • Figuring out the "Replacement" when creating a new BB code...


    For the past few days, Iíve been attempting to create a custom bb code (and button) for one of my forumís in-post features. In my last attempt, the feature was disabled because, as I was entering the values to create a custom BB code, I was completely stumped on the area where I enter the ďReplacement.Ē

    Quite simply, I do not know what the hell to put there.

    Exactly where in my database table do I find the output code to enter there? If thatís even where Iím supposed to look. Can you extract the code by other means?

    I know this sounds a tad cryptic, but Iím assuming that the ďreplacement codeĒ for all vbulletin features and miscellaneous hacks can be figured out by searching through one source.

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    The replacement code is the HTML code that you want the BB code to represent. What do you want your BB code to do?


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      Thank you for the quick reply (no pun intended).

      The BB code I want is to represent a script that was recently installed into my board. Here's what it looks like and its function: Dice Feature

      Another individual, who's out of reach as of this moment, created and installed it, and so I have no clue as to where to find the corresponding HTML code on the server. I searched through the templates and all related areas w/ no luck.

      I am aware that this isn't a core vBulletin issue, so you're not obligated to assist, but any clue as to where on vBulletin (or anywhere for that matter) I might trek to find the code would be extremely helpful.

      I'm hoping for that, or for you to possibly "extract" or hypothesize as to what the code may be based on the link I just showed you.


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        I'm not sure I understand exactly what that DICE tag is doing, but it looks like it requires calculations which is beyond the abilities of the BB code system.


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          Perhaps I'm making things sound more complicated than it really seems. I want for users to simply click on a "dice button" (that I will make) and upon clicking the button as they're posting a reply/thread the [dice][/dice] string will be presented conveniently for them. Right now, the members have to manually type in that string, but I no longer want this to be the case.

          I would like to know what to enter in the "Add New BB Code" page in order for this to be successful.


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            You can add an editor button for the BB code by entering an image path in this field:

            Admin CP -> Custom BB Codes -> BB Code Manager -> [Edit] -> Button Image


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              Awesome! Got it to work.

              Now, is it possible that I can add an additional button (same function) to the quick reply box, next to the "quote" icon that's already there?


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                There is no simple switch to add a custom BB code button to the Quick Reply form. You would need to manually add it to the templates, but I'm not sure what the code would be. It might also require a file hack, but I'm not sure. You might try posting on about this.


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