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Adding options to PHP and recompiling

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  • Adding options to PHP and recompiling


    I did not originally configure PHP with the gd libraries, and I have added that to my ./configure statement and recompiled.

    When accessing vBulletin (after restarting apache, etc.). I still see the original ./configure statement listed in the phpinfo() page.

    My question:

    How can I make vBulletin recognize the changes that I've made?
    Do I have to re-install vBulletin or something?


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    If you have done it correctly and restarted the daemons it should have immediate effect. vBulletin doesn't recognized old or new setups. If vBulletin doesn't show the changes, chances are they haven't come through.

    What exactly isn't working? Did you rebuild thumbnails if GD is enabled but no thumbs are showing in posts?


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      Got it! User error.

      Yes, that's what I was trying to get to work. Specifically, the random # verification on a user registration.

      I found that I had an error on my compile statement, and I wasn't catching it because I'd strung a bunch of stuff together and didn't catch the error message.

      I'm set. Thanks for the help!



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