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  • Signatures to appear

    I just moved from a phpbb board to using vb3. One of the first users I asked to view the vb3 board before I tell everyone about it noticed that unless each user individually turns on the show signature option, no user sigs will appear. Is there a global setting I can turn on so that everyone will see all signatures?

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    Admin Control Panel > Import & Maintenance > Execute SQL Query > Automatic Query > From the Drop Down box: On - Display Signatures.

    You must add your unique admin user id to the config.php file in order to have permission as admin to run SQL queries.


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      Does this use any additional server resources to run, or is it a one time thing? Also, if a user, for some reason, wants to not display signatures, can they still do that, or does this override it in all cases?


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        This is a one time thing.

        Also go through usergroups so they have permission to have a signature!

        Yes, users have the choice to select to display avatars, images and signatures through the user control panel.


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          Thanks. I've run the query. I already had signatures enabled for the usergroups.


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