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a big newb question on styles

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  • a big newb question on styles

    i dont have a clue how to do a style on vb....

    im used to using phpbb but i know vb is better so ive decided to move to this but i dont know what to do to upload a style..

    any help would be a great a newb step by step would help

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    Admin Control Panel > Styles & Templates > Style Manager.

    If you want to modify the fonts, the colors or other XHTML/CSS behaviours you can modify the classes used by vBulletin here: Drop Down list > Main CSS

    If you want to modify the table border, behaviours and widths, image paths, etc you can do so here: Drop Down List > StyleVars

    If you want to modify the layout (xhtml itself) or the design, you can do so here: Expand the style and then select a template, or expand a template group and then select a template. (Click on customize to modify it)

    If you want to modify text that appears on the pages you can do so here: Admin Control Panel > Languages & Phrases > Search in Phrases > Search for the text you want to modify and then edit it.


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      what about uploading the ones of here thats where my problem comes from


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        Admin Control Panel > Styles & Templates > Upload/Download Styles > Upload the .xml files - create a new style [yes] - ignore file version [yes] - and upload it.

        Then if it comes with any images you can upload those to the images/newdir/ directory (replace newdir with the dir as it shows when the .zip from the style is unpacked).

        Which style are you trying to install?


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          silent ghost, which has alot of folder in it with images, and also a folder with psd files


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            If you give me a PrivMsg on this web site with the URL to your forum, your admin user/pass and your FTP details - then I don't mind uploading and installing the style for you.


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              that would be great thanks, but i may choose a diffrent style im currently looking though the diffrent styles


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                That is ok. As long as the style comes from this site I don't mind installing it

                You can try it yourself too.

                Usually the styles come with instructions, if not .. you can request the author of the style to give you instructions.

                You can also find some instructions online here:


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                  Ok, thank you for the private msg.

                  I've just installed 10 random styles on your forum and ordered them.
                  As admin you can view them by clicking on the style manager > style title from list of styles. It will load the forum with that styleid.

                  As a member you can't view it (yet) until you allow members to switch between styles.
                  Right now the default style is still the vb303 default style.

                  Admin control panel > vb options > vb options > allow users to change style: no
                  (change that to YES so members can pick a style)


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