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  • Quick e-mail problem


    Don't want to take up too much time...

    Users receiving e-mail confirmation is somewhat hit and miss I think.

    My brother and friend signed up last week and I set up a test account, no problem

    This week I have ten or so people awaiting confirmation (although others are ok). There are two hotmail address but others are normal addresses so I don't think its a spam filter problem.

    I sent a diagnostic e-mail to myself, all fine, I then searched this forum and have tried turning on -f, sent a diagnostic e-mail, again fine (and it noted the -f in the title).

    We also receive pm notices and subscribed thread notices without issue. Pretty quickly as well.

    My questions are

    1) Can anyone think why this is, I can't imagine people are that lazy not to confirm after signing up?

    2) What does the -f option do, well more to the point, are there any reasons NOT to run with it on as default please? If not then why isn't it a permanent feature? I know it mentions that it probably won't help.

    I'm just a bit worried I'm losing members.

    My site is

    Thank you for your time and hope everyones enjoying the break

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    If the activation emails are intermittent, then the problem is most likely with spam filters at some of the destination addresses. This mod should help to reduce the number of failed activations by making users aware of this potential problem.

    The -f parameter is only needed if emails are not working. Some mail servers require the -f parameter to send emails.