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Thread “anchor” and welcome questions

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  • Thread “anchor” and welcome questions

    Easy one first: Where can I edit the welcome message unregistered members see on the forumhome?

    I know the answer will be simple, it just seems to be eluding me.

    I searched but didn’t find what I was looking for.

    #2: Since upgrading to 3.0.3, I’ve had some member complaints that going to a thread view dumps them to the top or bottom of the thread, rather than the last post they viewed. Is there something going on with my settings here?



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    For the first one, go to:

    Admin CP --> Languages & Phrases --> Search in Phrases

    Search for the first_visit_message using Phrase Variable Name Only. You can now edit the phrase. When you are finished, press [Save] and your changes will take effect.

    For the second one: This could be a browser issue not recognizing the proper anchor. Another possibility is that they're not waiting for the page to fully load and they're scrolling on the page so when the page does load it jumps to the wrong location.
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      Thanks for the response Daemon. To clarify, no one is going to the proper anchor, and a few people are complaining. Is there any setting I could have wrong?

      Thanks again



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        There's no setting for the anchor. Have you modified the showthread template?
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          Nope, haven't modified that one. Is there some specific code I should be looking for?

          Thanks for the help



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            2. The most likely explanation is that they are not waiting for the page to completely load.
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