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  • Avatars Not Loading's the thing. The people who have avatars on our system are able to use them, see them, etc. But the poor souls that don't have avatars can not use them. I've even tried to add avatars to those users through the admincp, with no luck. How can this be, and what can i do to fix it. I am able to change my avatar through the usercp, but that's it.

    Some users have sent me screenshots, and "Do not use an avatar" radio button is selected...and it's the only option. When they press Reset Feilds, nothing happens.

    Please help!

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    You might want to take a look at this thread that I wrote: How To Setup Avatar Usage
    Hopefully it helps you resolve your issues with custom avatar uploads.


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      Hi there...I chmod'd the avatar directory, changed the option to "yes" for avatars in the usergroups area and even set the main avatar option to "yes" in the main board options. Still nothing. I can change my avatar, but I can't add an avatar for a list member. Needless to say they can't do it, either. Thanks.


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        Have you checked the Avatar permisisons for the approporiate usergroup(s) for the members affected?
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          As far as I know, I did. All of our users are in one group: Registered Users.


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            Ok...things are woriking now. I think when I changed the permission in the Usergroups, the avatars are being loaded by users. I can't load avatars for users through the admincp, but looks like they can do it through the usercp. Thanks for all the help!


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