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There's no way I had that many visitors!

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  • There's no way I had that many visitors!

    from my site today

    Most users ever online was 531, Today at 06:45 AM
    Generally speaking during the day, I get a 100 to 120 online at a time. Today it got as high as 180 or so.

    So imagine my surprise when I looked today and saw 531 at 6:45 am. Normally I might have 30 or 40 at that time.

    How can this be? I understand that spiders can boost the numbers considerably but from 30 or 40 to 531???


    Thanks in advance.

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    If each search engine comes with 50 spiders, it could quickly boost to a lot ..

    What is your cookie timeout?


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      What is your cookie timeout?
      wow, that's kind of a personal question isn't it?

      Set at default, 900.


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        Then I am afraid you simply did have that many guests online in the 900 seconds time period.


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          One way this happens is that a board member can upload an image as an attachment, and then use the attachment url on somewhere like (or anywhere with high traffic)

          If 500 people view it over there, you will have 500 guests "Viewing attachment in XXXXXXX"


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            Well Floris, I'd like to think that you're correct but I doubt it!

            Marky, I only allow a select few to upload attachments (to reduce bandwidth) so I doubt that was the case.

            Guess, I'll just have to get up early in the morning and find out whats going on!


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              Any link would do it, so if someone pasted a thread URL elsewhere it could have the same effect.

              It's a good thing IMHO!


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                I guess so. I have a fair number of advertisers on my site so I worry that they will think I'm "cooking the books".

                I think I'll review my web logs tonight and see if I see anything wonky.



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                  I analyzed my web log for the 30 minutes in question and surprisingly it says that there was a lot of visitors.


                  Over 400 of them visited the member.php page.

                  I find it odd that 400 people came and looked at this page.

                  Is this sometype of robot or something ????