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Allowing User Group to edit other's posts, but not Moderate

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  • Allowing User Group to edit other's posts, but not Moderate

    Hi there...

    I am wondering if it is possible to allow a particular user or group to edit other people's posts, but not have them specified as a moderator for the forums that this is allowed under.

    Basically what I have on my site/forums is a usergroup called site staff. These people are responsible for reporting news, etc. But we also have a couple of translators on our staff, as it is a Final Fantasy site and we obtain a lot of news from Japanese sites. So usually one of the news reporters happens to find the news first, puts up a rough Babelfish translation, and then later on one of our translators comes along and translates the article correctly. So I'd like them to be able to edit the first post and put the correct translation in. As currently they have to either contact a mod to do it, or the original news poster.

    The only place I can find with a setting to allow editing of other's posts is if the person is a moderator of that forum. Which as I said, I don't want to do. Or if I made them a global mod, it would probably work, but then I am giving my news staff access to everything which I don't want to do.

    I have a feeling what I want to happen can't be done, but I thought I'd ask here just in case.

    Abe Babe...

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    You are right, this is not possible for regular usergroups. The permission to modify posts made by others is limited to the moderators usergroups.


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