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Changed IP and broken avatars

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  • Changed IP and broken avatars

    I had to make an IP change. Got the forum switched ok but the Avatars are broken. I store them in a folder in the file system, not the database. If I right click the broken avatar and look at the properties the image(s) are still linked to the OLD IP address.

    Is there a query or something I need to run?

    I tried re-uploading the avatars manually thru AdminCP but it doesn't seem to repair it.

    PS - The rest of the forum buttons/header aren't affected. Just avatars.


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    I don't see how that would affect the avatars, unless the path to these on the server has changed. Or perhaps the permissions. I would double-check those two things.
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      I found it. In the AdminCP I had to go to
      Avatars>Avatar Storage Type>Move Items to a Different Directory

      In there was the path http:\\111.222.333.444\avatar

      I had to change it to the new IP...

      that was kinda hiding on me

      Thanks for your response Steve!