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Need to move forum from one IP to another on the same server

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  • Pro-Touring

    I think I got it. Since the database is still on the same server I think all I need to do is copy the folder my forum is located in now to the new IP and all will work.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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  • Need to move forum from one IP to another on the same server

    On my server I have my web site on one IP and my forum on a different IP. This causes cookie problems for my members I think. I have to send a lot of them a link to go directly to the forum and bypass my web site completely. So, I want to move my v3 bulletin tonight. There were changes made to Mysql and some PHP settings I think to get my forum working. One thing we had to do was a lot of tweaking to get the forum to allow members to upload large files.

    When I back up my forum with the instructions found on this web site and move them will that also move the other changes my hosting company made to Mysql?

    Please help. I would like to do this tonight so I have all night to recover if I totally mess up. I am very new to this.