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Users Viewing Forum vs Private Message Counter

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  • Users Viewing Forum vs Private Message Counter

    I'm having the no user viewing problem. It was working before, until the members told me that's it's not working. Even the user listing under the thread area will only show 1 user, which is me, even though there are others browsing the same forum.
    I am having the same problem. This started when I followed a suggestion to fix my Private Message counter (editing the includes/init.php -- setting "define('NOSHUTDOWNFUNC', true);") .

    After that change, Users Viewing Forum stopped working, but the PM counter error was fixed. If I revert it to "FALSE," then the two conditions are
    reversed (one is fixed, the other stops working).

    My forum is on a Windows 2003 Server (if that helps).

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    Please post this in the Bug Tracker so one of the Developers can take a look.
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      The Users Viewing Forum feature can be broken if your child lists (backend stuff) are not correct. I can check this for you if you send me a PM with your forum and server information.


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