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Display topics or parts of topics from threads on main page?

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  • Display topics or parts of topics from threads on main page?


    Please forgive me for I am very new to Vbulletin. I haven't owned it a full month yet so I'm still learning all it's options. As an example it took me a day or so to work out where to turn the "sub forums" category on.

    Anyway the point of this post.

    My forum is not on the main page, it's on a different page. My main page(s) will be used for other content. Is there a way I can get some highlights or parts of the threads created on the forum to display on the main page of the site?

    Is this an add on? Is it something I have to custom code? Is it a feature of VB that I'm not finding? I know with other boards you can put some include code into the PHP on your main page and it pulls the data out of the forum, can this be done with VB?

    If it is a mod or something like that where do I look for that?

    Thanks for your time.

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    There are several add-ons to do this available at Check the Portals forum.
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