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  • Attachmentview

    I am having a problem with the mysql file attachmentview not being there (in mysql).

    So, I get an error.

    Do I need to reinstall from scratch, can I save my users. My board is not active about 60 registered and of those probably 45 to 50 have never posted.

    Is there a way to install 3.0.3 on itself?

    My question is what to do, not what to do in each of the above. Thanks
    Ed Shuck

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    Run the one for attachment views


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      Are you sure you are running 3.0.3? This problem shouldn't be happening if so.

      You can run this query to recreate this table:

      DELETE IF EXISTS attachmentviews;
      CREATE TABLE attachmentviews (
      attachmentid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
      KEY postid (attachmentid)
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        Yes 3.0.3

        mysql> desc attachmentviews;
        | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
        | attachmentid | int(10) unsigned | | MUL | 0 | |
        1 row in set (0.00 sec)

        I have been more than distracted with my site but am almost finished with the new one and will be spending lots of time on the forum.

        Thanks for the help.
        Ed Shuck


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