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problems installing vbulletin

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  • problems installing vbulletin

    in step 2 of the installation process (Connect to the database), I get the following error:
    Warning: mysql_errno(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in C:\Apache2\htdocs\forums\includes\db_mysql.php on line 140

    The Database has failed to connect because you do not have permission to connect to the server. Please confirm the values entered in teh 'includes/config.php' file.
    Is that necessarily saying that the dbusername and dbpassword values in the config.php file do not match the username/password I set when installing MySQL? Or could it be something else? I've been hitting my head against the wall all morning with this, so I thought I'd check with the experts to make sure I'm not missing something silly (which is probably the case).


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    I would double check your config.php values.

    IF you made a user. and made a database, make sure that user has access to that database


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      yes, but which values in particular? I assume it has to do with $dbusername and $dbpassword, but I can't see how the values I set for them could be wrong.

      As for users... the only thing I did was set a root password. I didn't create any user/anonymous accounts.


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        And you are using the root account with the correct password?


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          Originally posted by Zachery
          And you are using the root account with the correct password?
          Well, I guess I'm not 100% sure. The readme file tells me to point my browser at .../install/install.php. I do that, and it prompts me for my Customer Number, which I enter to start the install process. It never asks me for a user name or anything, so I have to assume it's treating me as the root user. If that is in fact the case, then the password is correct, yes.


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            You need to edit the config.php file and edit it properly


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              OK, well, I got around it, but I'm not sure what the problem was. I know how/why I fixed it, but I'm not sure what the problem was in the first place. I'll have to go back to it at some point... but for now I'm leaving well enough alone.