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Problem with members & groups on import

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  • Problem with members & groups on import

    HI I just imported my users two times and what happens is two groups are
    created I notice 2000+ are in guests / not registered and 353 are in registered?

    Now I think the 353 users was when I moved servers ages ago although im not
    sure because I checked out usergroups that I have and there are only 200 users
    in one group..

    I want all the users just in no groups

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    Not quite sure what you are asking. However here is a query to move all users in the 'Guest' group to 'Registered':

    UPDATE user SET userid=2 WHERE userid=1;
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      No I duno what that did seem to move the scroll bar from the right to the left

      Sorted that now... this is what I mean ....

      Also this sorry is in the wrong section
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        UPDATE user SET usergroupid=2 WHERE usergroupid=1;

        Try that


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          Yeah ....

          That has worked thanks