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A whole day's worth of posts are missing!

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  • A whole day's worth of posts are missing!

    I was on my site a few hours ago and everything was perfectly fine...then logged off for a bit...and when I came back every thread and private message from yesterday were missing!

    I am the ONLY one with mass pruning power but I checked my Admin and Mod logs anyway...and there isn't any entries whatsoever for yesterday! But there *should* be since I know perfectly well that I deleted a post and a made another one a sticky!

    So they weren't pruned or manually deleted! They are just plain old missing!

    My last backup was on the 28th so no sense restoring my backup!

    Is there anyway I can get these threads and private messages back? And any idea what would cause this???

    I didn't install any hacks or anything...and everything was literally working fine a few hours ago!

    I'm on version 3.0.1 if that matters...

    Please help! Thank you!

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    thats weird.. wish that i could help you on this


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      This would be a hosting issue i woulc contact your host and see if they had restored an old backup for some reason


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        Another thing that can make that APPEAR to happen is if the clock on the server gets set wrong. Until "real-time" catches up with the clock, those posts appear to vanish, even though they're still in the database.


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          Thank you all for your replies! I've contacted my host!