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Error installing, bad config? - please help

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  • Error installing, bad config? - please help

    Trying to install Vbulletin on my host and keep getting this error when it goes through install:

    Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /www/d/digitalsignage/htdocs/forum/includes/config.php on line 2

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /www/d/digitalsignage/htdocs/forum/includes/config.php on line 2

    I don't get where they are coming up with the error as here is my file:

    $servername = '****@****.com';
    $dbusername = '*******';
    $dbpassword = '*********';
    $dbname = 'digitalforum';
    $technicalemail = '*****@*******.com';
    $usepconnect = '0';
    $admincpdir = 'admincp';
    $modcpdir = 'modcp';
    $canviewadminlog = '1';
    $canpruneadminlog = '1';
    $canrunqueries = '';
    $undeletableusers = '';
    $superadministrators = '';
    $tableprefix = '';
    $cookieprefix = 'bb';
    What am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated

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    $servername = '****@****.com';

    use localhost instead.


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      oh poop...

      Tried that...still getting the same error messege


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        Are you using the original config.php ?


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          yes, deleted the ".new" then edited it...i just took out all of the extra wording to make it easier to post here. Saved it in Microsoft Word as "config.php" (with quotes) and uploaded.


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            Stop using Microsoft word. use a basic text editor like notepad or wordpad.


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              Ok, think I got PART of it..while using Wordpad, I accidently saved it as a rich text format instead of text..fixed that and am now getting this messege:

              Attempting to attach to database

              Warning: mysql_errno(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /www/d/digitalsignage/htdocs/forum/includes/db_mysql.php on line 140

              The database has failed to connect because you do not have permission to connect to the server. Please confirm the values entered in the 'includes/config.php' file.

              Do I need to edit db_mysql.php as well?Totally spoofed on this now...thanks for all of your help so far Zachery!


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                No, the values in config.php are not correct.

                doublecheck and ensure that


                Are correct, if your host is using cpanel, both your username and database name will be prefixed with your login name and an underscore



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                  i just dont know...unless the servername is something other than localhost...i'm at a loss. i'm going to try and contact powweb (my provider) tomarrow and find out if they use that cpanel thingy you mentioned...thanks for all your help Zachery


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                    Found the problem!! (case sensitive username!)Thanks for all your help!


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                      Im having this same problem about runing install/install.php and i get a blank page.

                      i basicall fill out the info correctly

                       // ****** DATABASE SERVER NAME ******
                      // This is the hostname or IP address of the database server.
                      // It is in the format HOST:PORT. If no PORT is specified, 3306 is used.
                      // If you are unsure of what to put here, leave it at the default value.
                      $servername = 'localhost';
                      // ****** DATABASE USERNAME & PASSWORD ******
                      // This is the username and password you use to access MySQL.
                      // These must be obtained through your webhost.
                      $dbusername = 'blahname';
                      $dbpassword = 'blahpassword';
                      // ****** DATABASE NAME ******
                      // This is the name of the database where your vBulletin will be located.
                      // This must be created by your webhost.
                      $dbname = 'forums';
                      // ****** TECHNICAL EMAIL ADDRESS ******
                      // If any database errors occur, they will be emailed to the address specified here.
                      // Leave this blank to not send any emails when there is a database error.
                      $technicalemail = '[email protected]';
                      // ****** PERSISTENT CONNECTIONS ******
                      // This option allows you to turn persistent connections to MySQL on or off.
                      // The difference in performance is negligible for all but the largest boards.
                      // If you are unsure what this should be, leave it off.
                      // 0 = Off; 1 = On
                      $usepconnect = 0;
                      // ****** PATH TO ADMIN & MODERATOR CONTROL PANELS ******
                      // This setting allows you to change the name of the folders that the admin and
                      // moderator control panels reside in. You may wish to do this for security purposes.
                      // Please note that if you change the name of the directory here, you will still need
                      // to manually change the name of the directory on the server.
                      $admincpdir = 'admincp';
                      $modcpdir = 'modcp';
                      // ****** USERS WITH ADMIN LOG VIEWING PERMISSIONS ******
                      // The users specified here will be allowed to view the admin log in the control panel.
                      // Users must be specified by *ID number* here. To obtain a user's ID number,
                      // view their profile via the control panel. If this is a new installation, leave
                      // the first user created will have a user ID of 1. Seperate each userid with a comma.
                      $canviewadminlog = '1';
                      // ****** USERS WITH ADMIN LOG PRUNING PERMISSIONS ******
                      // The users specified here will be allowed to remove ("prune") entries from the admin
                      // log. See the above entry for more information on the format.
                      $canpruneadminlog = '1';
                      // ****** USERS WITH QUERY RUNNING PERMISSIONS ******
                      // The users specified here will be allowed to run queries from the control panel.
                      // See the above entries for more information on the format.
                      // Please note that the ability to run queries is quite powerful. You may wish
                      // to remove all user IDs from this list for security reasons.
                      $canrunqueries = '';
                      // ****** UNDELETABLE / UNALTERABLE USERS ******
                      // The users specified here will not be deletable or alterable from the control panel by any users.
                      // To specify more than one user, separate userids with commas.
                      $undeletableusers = '';
                      // ****** SUPER ADMINISTRATORS ******
                      // The users specified below will have permission to access the administrator permissions
                      // page, which controls the permissions of other administrators
                      $superadministrators = '';
                      // Prefix that your vBulletin tables have in the database.
                      // For example: $tableprefix = 'vb3_';
                      $tableprefix = '';
                      // Prefix that all vBulletin cookies will have
                      // For example
                      $cookieprefix = 'bb';

                      that what i got in my config... is there anything wrong with it ? please tell me..

                      Edit: WHen i run the install/install.php i get this error

                       Notice: Undefined index: step in /var/www/html/forums.bad/install/install.php on line 22
                      Notice: Undefined index: step in /var/www/html/forums.bad/install/install.php on line 22
                      Notice: Undefined index: step in /var/www/html/forums.bad/install/install.php on line 22
                      Notice: Undefined index: step in /var/www/html/forums.bad/install/install.php on line 22

                      note forums.bad is just my testing forum.....
                      Last edited by hnguyen; Mon 29 Nov '04, 1:08am.


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