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Moving domain - same server

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  • Moving domain - same server

    Hi - got a new domain name & want to tfer my board over to the new domain - it is on the same server. Can I just ftp the forum folder over to my new domain & change a couple things tomake it work properly at the new domain?


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    Is the domain on the same account, or does it even have a new username/password to login to? (totally new account, just on the same server?)


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      I think it's a new user name/password - but I could make these the same or change the setup if it makes a diff.


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        If you could use the same account it just saves you having to backup and import and ftp on the same server.

        In order to change the domain, get into the admin control panel >vbulletin options > vbulletion options > site url & contact details and set the new url there.

        Then get into the members area on and change the license to point to the new domain.


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          I don't mind backing up - but would I have to reinstall first? Or can I just take my forums folder & ftp it to my desktop, then ftp it up to the new domain account? I know this might not be the most efficient way, but it's only about 10 mins each way. I can take that.

          I can make the other changes you said easily, of course.


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            Instructions can be found here:
            Appendix: Technical documents


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