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Users having trouble viewing GIF graphics

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  • Users having trouble viewing GIF graphics

    I have created sponsor page that list all my paid sponsors for my web site for the past and upcoming. The listing of sponsors on this page are all GIF files done with Photo post 7. I can view this page with now problem. In fact 99% of all my users have no problem reading the graphics on this page. But I have two users that can not see the graphics on this page. When they view this page they see just a black spot where the graphics should be.

    I do not know if it is two different browsers yet or not. I have only been corresponding with one of the users trying to figure this out. That user is using IE6. I have had him all do a screen refresh and the GIF still will not show up. Does anyone know why this is happening to them?

    On another note they can not view the same graphic if it is posted in a message in the message boards.

    Here is the page I am referring to:

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    Photo post is a third party software to which we do not offer support, the same goes for custom code.


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      I know you do not support custom codes. That is why I also pointed out that this GIF file when posted in the forums will only show up as a black spot where the graphic is suppose to be. This is not a custom code when posted in the forums. And this is only happening with two users that do not even know each other. So I was hoping for suggestions or any ideas?


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        If it is only happening for a few users and not everybody, then it appears to be working on the forum and might be a end-user issue? Do you have any mod rewrite rules set or maybe there sia n issue with gd lib? Are they both from the same provider though? like aol?


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          Some of my members are having the same problem,

          They are unable to view images or see any links in VB. All links and images in the remainder of my site are viewable and clickable. So this seems to be a VB problem.

          Not all users are having this problem, but some are, and we need to find a fix for it.


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            If not all users are having this, I would belive it is a end user problem, if it was a vB problem, then all users including yourself would be experiecing it.


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              Originally posted by Zachery
              If not all users are having this, I would belive it is a end user problem, if it was a vB problem, then all users including yourself would be expircing it.
              I agree with you 100% Zachery. But it would be nice if someone with some computer smarts could help us solve this issue to help our users that are having this problem. I don't know what research nchoose has done with his users but I have found that it is not just one browser that is causing this problem.


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                It's impossible to know exactly what it is but some possibilites are: browsers, browser settings, Internet and security settings, ISP and/or cache issues, firewalls, ad-blockers, and any other application that affects Internet content.
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