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permissions mess up on my user/admin account

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  • permissions mess up on my user/admin account

    We just converted today and I have a couple of issues. This post is in regard to my permission mess up. I was working to assign myself as moderator of my "Announcements" forum for my account "JOE". In phpBB, the JOE account was an Administrator. After working fine after the conversion, I must have done something wrong because now when I log in with the JOE account, I get the message, "you do not have permission to access this page". So, I can't even post with this account but it should be an Admin account with permission to do anything board-wide.

    I can log in with my generic "ADMIN" account and do anything just fine. How can I go back in to CP and resolve this issue for my JOE account?

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    Make sure Joe is in the Administrators group:

    Admin CP -> Users -> Search for Users

    Find Joe's account and edit the profile. Make sure his primary usergroup is set to Administrators.


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