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OK... I need advice on making a great looking header..

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  • OK... I need advice on making a great looking header..

    I have an interesting suggestion... hope the vB team don't mind my asking this...

    I give up, I really do... to put it simply, I just don't have the design flair and creativity needed to come up with a great looking header and I am wondering if you good folk might like to help...?

    Just where do you start when looking to design a header...? How do you kick the whole thing off...? with a table, with an idea of what you want...? What are the correct steps one should go through...? How many steps should there be...?

    I am OK with html and coding the actual vB header template file, and I am sort of OK with graphic applications and have Ulead PI and Adobe PS available (though don't know Adobe very well). I can create buttons, images and ok'ish logos and graphics without too much difficulty, but putting them all together in a great looking header file with swishes, swirls, and super eye catching colurs, gradients and curved table borders with cool shadows etc . is beyond me - you should see some of the rubbish I have come up with... eeeeek

    I am honestly not looking for something for free, or for anyone to design one for me, I really want to have a go myself but I just don't have the know-how, the creativity or any original ideas that look good that when brought together well can produce something that looks great... this is where I am looking for help.

    Would people with creativity and design skills be willing to share their experiences and help me to build a great looking header for my wifes www site on a thread-by-thread basis...? This might also be beneficial for others who find themselves facing the same dillemma as I do...

    So, where do I start... ????

    Thanks.. hopefully....

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    It is best to start with a mental picture of what you want. If you don't know what you are making, then it becomes hard to procede.

    For inspiration, you can look at other sites. This might not give you a complete mental picture, but at least it is something.

    I recently made a new design for my site. I started with a partial picture, borrowed some graphics, spliced them together with HTML, and spent a month trying random things to fill in the rest of my picture.


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      OK, thanks Jake. Here's what I have to start with already.

      The www site is for my wife who is a Nursery Nurse and who runs several very successful pre-school playgroups. I have vB303 and vBa set up already and my wife has chosen Floris' excellent Professional Style for the overall template.

      The name of the company is RainbowSunbeams as is the domain name.

      I have drafted a logo that Jen (my wife) and her business partner quite like.

      I can brighten up (no offense Floris) the header rows and some other bits in Floris template to make it a little more colourful and therefore suitable for a kids playgroup and playgroup resources site.

      I would like to use bright, appealing colours in the header.

      How's that for a start....???


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        So you already have a style, you just want to change the colors and logo? That shouldn't be too hard. Just edit the colors in the Admin CP and the images in an editing program.


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          Yup - correct, I have vB, a style and it is all set up. The thing is... I want to create a great looking header (and maybe matching footer) for the site. I am more than happy with the template, Floris' Pro style is superb.

          I would like some inspiration for just the header.... so far I have 'Header Makers Block'...


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            I am not the person to ask for inspiration. Like you, I have a problem with inspiration when it comes to graphics.


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