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  • Spolier Tag

    I am trying to add a spolier tag but not having to much success.

    I have downloaded a few how to guides and followed the instructions to the letter.

    They dont work. they show the text and have the hidden text visible.

    I have VB3 and am running the default style with only a mod for Vb index.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I found this spoiler tag in a search.


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      I have edited the BBcode and made a new one and also edited the header Style code,
      but all i get in the box is invisible text.

      Any suggestions??


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        Originally posted by CTC
        I have edited the BBcode and made a new one and also edited the header Style code,
        but all i get in the box is invisible text.
        That's what the spoiler tag is supposed to do. You need to select the text to make it show up.


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          Spoiler Text

          I realise that it makes it invisible and that you drag the mouse accross the protected area and it displays the text but when i do this theres no text under there.

          Thats my problem, i would like to have the spoiler text underneath a Black background and the you drag the left mouse over the text and you can see what is under there.


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            I need to see the problem. I registered on your forum but haven't yet received the activation email. Can you activate my account?


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              Forum Activation

              Your Account has been activated
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                That's a nifty spoiler tag you have there.

                I posted in that thread. It seems to be working fine. I click the Show spoiler button and it reveals the text.


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                  Hey, I really like that, could you post what the code is for your spoiler? I love the button option


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                    Spolier Text

                    How did you make the post for the spoiler,
                    Did you use the button then filll in the text or did you wrap the code?

                    It appears by looking at your thread that you have used a Wrap Code.

                    [spoiler]i'm hidden. you can't see me![/spoiler]

                    The problem i have is when i use the button option, it doesn't do the same as the wrap tag.

                    Any help would be appreciated.
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                      I manually typed the code:

                      [spoiler]hidden text[/spoiler]

                      That would be the Spoiler code you have setup, not the Spoiler Alert code. Try using the Spoiler code instead. That other one doesn't appear to work.


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                        I'm trying to do the same thing as in the link above. When I use [spolier]text[/spoiler] I would like to see a button insted of a
                        window like this
                        . Does anyone have a tidbit of code I can use for that?


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                          I only know of the spoiler tag that I linked above.


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                            Spoiler problem again

                            Hi There again,

                            My friend has a vbboard

                            I helped him build up the site.

                            I put the spoiler code i used on my site in his identically however it doesnt work.

                            When you click on it, below in the bottom left it says error on page
                            Line 687 showthread.php

                            any ideas

                            I am having a look at this page now


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                              Reupload the original showthread.php file from the vB zip file. Make sure you upload in ASCII and overwrite the one on the server.
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