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Intall. to site with members / public area in separated servers

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  • Intall. to site with members / public area in separated servers

    Hi there,

    I have site that has its public area in one server, and the members area in another.

    What I do want to do is to have the forum avaiable for both standard visitors and members. When I do say member, I mean a member of my site, not the forum.

    Also I do want to...

    . Have some boards readable by everyone and others just for members of
    the site. (whenever they are registered or not to the forum)
    . Require to be a member of site to register to the forum and post.
    . Allow members of the site to read all boards

    So it I guess I should upload the vbulletin files to both servers and share the same database information.

    But then how do I make the above?

    Thanks for your ideas!!

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    This does require two licenses. It also requires modifying the code which we don't support. You can try asking for help with this over at
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      ok we got another license...

      my question is... will two installations be able to share the same database of posts while preserving different settings?


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        It is possible, but we don't support it and you can try getting help with this on

        At this moment we do not have an API for vBulletin that helps integrate or share databases with (third party) software.