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  • Export and import of messages?

    I have more than one related forum. One is still on vb2 and the other vb3. Is there a way to export threads/posts from certain categories on one forum and then importing them to another forum? Same question but relating to usernames?

    I imagine every new thread has some two tables updated and an SQL statement should do the trick? And for users there may be two tables.

    The related forum is being split from the main forum and is missing a few weeks of threads and users, that's why I'd like it current.

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    There is a vB2-to-vB3 import script in the Impex system.
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      Kewl. What's an impex system and how do I get one?


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        You can download the ImpEx from the Members' Area.

        For instructions on installing and using ImpEx, please see the online manual:


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          Ah, you guys are beautiful.


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            Why "Database cleanup & restart" ?

            Why is there a "Database cleanup & restart" link in the impex prior to step 1? Do I do that first? Or 001 first?


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              That should be explained a bit better, and should be in the sticky threads. Anyways, I figured out to use that link only if you messed up an installation. Which I did. The import doesn't work for me. My tables have a lot of custom configuration. And step 1 lists the tables that aren't quite right, but instead of letting me study the page, it refreshes right away and I can't see what tables have problems.