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How To Change The Ordering Of The 'Last Post', 'Threads', And 'Posts' columns

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  • How To Change The Ordering Of The 'Last Post', 'Threads', And 'Posts' columns

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> « » -> Forum Home Templates -> FORUMHOME

    Find this code and swap the different colored lines of code so they are in the order you want:

    	<tr align="center">
    	  <td class="thead">&nbsp;</td>
    	  <td class="thead" width="100%" align="$stylevar[left]">$vbphrase[forum]</td>
    	  [color=red]<td class="thead" width="175">$vbphrase[last_post]</td>[/color]
    	  [color=green]<td class="thead">$vbphrase[threads]</td>[/color]
    	  [color=blue]<td class="thead">$vbphrase[posts]</td>[/color]
    	  <if condition="$vboptions['showmoderatorcolumn']">
    	  <td class="thead">$vbphrase[moderator]</td>
    Make a similar change to the FORUMDISPLAY template.

    Then edit your forumhome_forumbit_level1_post and forumhome_forumbit_level2_post templates in the same section of your Admin CP. Do the same swap in the same order on this code:

    		[color=red]<td class="alt2" nowrap="nowrap">$forum[lastpostinfo]</td>[/color]
    		[color=green]<td class="alt1">$forum[threadcount]</td>[/color]
    		[color=blue]<td class="alt2">$forum[replycount]</td>[/color]
    		<if condition="$vboptions['showmoderatorcolumn']">
    		<td class="alt1"><div class="smallfont">$forum[moderators]&nbsp;</div></td>

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    After making this change, you may find that the alternating background colors of the cells no longer alternate correctly. You can fix this by changing the classes of those cells.

    In the two forumhome_forumbit_* templates that are changed, you need to change the alt1 and alt2 class references appropriately.


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