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Can't login to my admin area!

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  • Can't login to my admin area!

    Something has gone wrong, and I can no longer login to my admin area. When I click the admin link it takes me to the login prompt at:

    I enter my User Name and Pass, and it forwards me to:
    and says "Thank you for logging in, Mr.Haze...

    But then it forwards me back to the login prompt again at:

    Yesterday I did move my forum from the root directory to the "/forum/" directory, but the migration seemed to go fine, and I was able to log in to my admin area straight afterwards, and that worked fine. So what could have happened?

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    Sounds like your cookie timeout, path or domain, or config.php prefix has changed and doesn't match, or is incorrectly set.

    Upload the file fix_login.php to your forum directory and run it once, and remove it again.

    PHP Code:
    "<p>Updating cookie domain to ''</p>";
    $DB_site->query("UPDATE " TABLE_PREFIX "setting SET value = '' WHERE varname = 'cookiedomain'");
    "<p>Updating cookie path to '/'</p>";
    $DB_site->query("UPDATE " TABLE_PREFIX "setting SET value = '/' WHERE varname = 'cookiepath'");
    "<p>Rebuilding settings</p>";
    "<p>Finished! <a href=\"admincp/index.php\">Proceed to admin cp</a></p>";


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      Thanks Floris, that worked perfectly!

      One more thing, as I mentioned, I moved my forum from root "/" to "/forum/", but some of my icons and smilies are now broken links. Apart from the General setting / forum URL, is there some other variables I should have changed?


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        Right click the broken image and check what they actually point to.
        Maybe go through the smilies and post icons and other managers to see if the full path was added.

        Oh, don't forget to go through the style manager > stylevars > path.
        Maybe you hardcoded the URLs somewhere?


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          Ah, hang on, are smilies that were in existing posts before I moved the forum directory "hard coded", as in, they don't use the forum path variable?


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            Ah, don't worry about that, I figured it out. You have to go to "Smilies" and "Post Icons" in the admin panel, and change all the paths there.

            One last question (promise)!
            I want to set the top forum as a site news/announcements forum, that only I as the administrator can post in, buit anyone can view. What's the best way to do that?


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              Add a new forum, be it a category or forum, and set the order so it shows in the top.
              Now goto forum permissions and click on the usergroups that aren't supposed to make new announcements and set 'can make new thread' in their permissions to 'no'.


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