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    did a search but I can't find the info I need, so here goes.

    I have a closed forum. I manually register members and they're automatically added to the 'registered' usergroup.

    However, I want to make 1 forum open for anyone to register. I've created a usergroup which allows members of it to see and post in this particular forum, but they cannot view any of the other forums.

    Now, I want these people to go through the registration process, validate their emails and so on.

    How do I make this new usergroup the group that new registrations are added to, rather than the 'registered' usergroup?

    I hope that makes sense. Any help much appreciated.


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    I think the vBulletin Promotions system should help, admincp > usergroup > promotions


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      I've had a look at that but I'm not sure how that would help.

      What I need is for all new registrations to be in 'New Usergroup' rather than the current default usergroup.


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        You can turn on registration, but require validate through email and moderate new registrations.

        You can setup the usergroups 'default registered users' and 'awaiting validation' to view the forum(s) you want. And add another usergroup which you consider to be real full 'registered' members. Set their permissions to view all the other forums. Now if you moderate or add new users manually you can select which primairy usergroup they should belong to before you save their profile.


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          Here is a solution - not a great one, but works for me.

          Basically, this will give the user a selection after registration is complete.

          Just put in big bold letters - "CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE".


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            I've gone down the 'moderate new registrations' road. Much less complicated!

            Thanks all.


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              Sorry to bump this, but this would be a nifty feature for future releases.



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                I don't see that as a valid reason to bump a thread. If you want this as a suggestion for future releases then post it in the suggestion forum, the devs will read it and decide to make it so or not. Bumping this thread won't help.


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                  This has such a simple solution. Change the name of the default usergroup and adjust your permissions accordingly. I've changed the default usergroup "registered members" to "Probies" who can not download attachments until 15 posts or 30 days when they are promoted to "Riders".


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                    I would just allow unregistered users to use the one forum.


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