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How do I make my index page to point to my forum?

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  • How do I make my index page to point to my forum?

    Ok, I've finally installed my uploaded vbulliten board, and am starting to edit it. It's near the point where I'd like it to be available to the public. I assumed that it would be available after installation by going to (, but I've been proven wrong.

    So my question is, after I create my forum, how do I make it available on a webaddress? Thanks.


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    That depends on which directory you installed it to.
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      Sorry, I should have been more specific. After I uploaded the upload folder to the root directory & then renamed it forum. I also set up my database here through my host. So for example, if my name was, I can type "" & it brings me to tge "phpMyAdmin" log in screen. I can use my Yahoo info (host) to get logged in, and then I get to a control page I don't really understand.

      To give you a better picture the screen shows this =

      Create new database [Documentation]

      Show MySQL runtime information
      Show MySQL system variables [Documentation]
      Show processes [Documentation]
      Change password
      Log out


      Language (*):
      phpMyAdmin documentation
      Show PHP information
      Official phpMyAdmin Homepage
      [ChangeLog] [CVS][Lists]
      On the side I can choose from 4 databases:
      forum (84)
      mysql (6)
      phpmyadmin (7)
      phpmyadmin_1 (7)

      Hopefully this helps. Thanks!


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        To be honest, I don't even know how to look at my current forum (now that I've editted things) much less attach it to my index. Why in the installation manual does it stop at the Admin Control Panel.. I still don't know how to set it up..


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          I take it you installed vBulletin.
          That means you have also uploaded the files to your web server.
          If you did, to which directory did you install them?

          On average, you upload your files to the httpdocs/ or www/ or public_html/ or html/ directory, these directories equal

          You can install vBulletin in those directories directly. Or create a new directory called forum/ and upload the files there, then the directory would be equal to

          You could send me your FTP details in a PrivMsg and I could login and see if I can find your vBulletin files and see if they are uploaded correctly, and if so .. where. Give me the domain name too so I could try to find the public address for you.


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            Private message sent, looks like you just logged off as I sent it *cry*


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              The reason why you can't find your forum installation is because you installed phpmyadmin in the same directory as forum/

              I suggest to remove the forum/ directory (clean it out)
              Re-upload the vBUlletin 3.0.3 files and put back config.php in the forum/includes/ folder.

              Then install phpmyadmin into another private directory.

              Your forum will then work again.


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                Floris, that totally worked. Thank you! -- by the way, can you please tell me how I can direct to



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                  You could make a php page with a header redirect
                  or a html page with a meta refresh.


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