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vbmenu drop downs rendering about 40px lower

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  • vbmenu drop downs rendering about 40px lower

    We've run into a strange problem editing a template on our test server. We don't know at what point it happened, but now every single vbmenu drop down menu draws about 40px lower than it should. For instance, when you click on Thread Tools, instead of showing up directly under the link, it shows up about forty pixels lower.

    I've compared the templates we've been editing on our test server to the templates on our live server (which works fine) looking for discrepancies, and I've yet to find any. So far I have examined...
    • navbar template
    • CSS definitions for vbmenu controls
    • postbit_legacy template

    I've made sure the CSS definitions were identical on both servers because we never made any changes to any of the vbmenu classes. I can see no major change in the navbar template, and as far as I can tell the postbit looks good. Perhaps someone would be able to tell by taking a look at the source code from both servers? I've spent the past week looking into it and can't figure it out -- I really don't want to abandon work on the template and start over because of this problem.

    (Server information removed, problem solved.)

    Thanks in advance, I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm at a total loss.
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    This guy had a similar problem.


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      Weird, he was absolutely right. We had an all containing DIV that had position: relative set. I'd of never figured this out on my own, but now that I see the problem it makes sense. Thanks.


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        I'm having the same problem, but unfortunately I can't get rid of the all-containing div. I've tried adding "position: absolute" to the CSS of the popupmenus, but it has no affect on positioning. I also tried adding "top: -100px;" to the CSS of the popupmenus but it repositions the entire navbar instead of just the popup.

        Any ideas on how to specify position for the popups? Thanks!


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          Originally posted by kye412
          Any ideas on how to specify position for the popups? Thanks!
          No clue.

          I only know that a couple of customers have fixed this by removing the containing div.


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